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Where are you located? Southern Louisiana

Do you ship? Yes, delivery with a pet nanny is available, and that info can be found on the "Shipping" page.


How much are your puppies? Prices range from $2000-$6000

Can I pay after receiving the puppy? I have been asked this question a couple times. Sorry, but I do not allow puppies to leave without full payment. I understand the risk of buying a puppy out of state and having it shipped, but I promise I am not a scammer! I've heard many awful stories of people being scammed and I'm very sorry if you've been through that. Scammers have made things really hard for us breeders. But we can not let a puppy leave without full payment. I have done this before, trying to be nice, and it's never worked for me! I've gotten scammed, or people had me waiting up to a year to pay off what they owe. You're welcome to fly in, or drive, to meet up in person to get your puppy and pay remaining balance. If not, we always have a wonderful pet nanny that can bring your baby to you, but puppy must be paid off before leaving with the pet nanny. I have a Facebook page with 25k+ followers and a group that you're welcome to join to view posts and updates from past buyers. I have plenty of references available. You can look me up at Izzy's Chihuahuas. My personal profile name is Iselis Vargas.

Do you have a waiting list? If you're seriously interested in one of our puppies, you can submit a puppy application that will keep you on our contact list. Applicants are kept updated and contacted first on new litters. 

Do you have a health guarantee? Yes. Our health guarantee/contract can be viewed upon request if you're interested in purchasing a puppy. 

Do you guarantee adult weight? Absolutely not. We can not guarantee the adult weight of a puppy. We weigh our puppies every week and chart them and give their estimated adult weight. If you are strict on getting a certain size or want one that'll stay 2 lbs, we suggest looking for one that's at least 6-8 months old so that way you have a better estimate of how big they'll stay. We do not breed for tinies due to the health problems and heartache. We breed for standard of 3-6 lbs. Our chihuahuas are well-bred, quality, healthy dogs and that's what matters. If we do get an extra tiny puppy, we are very picky on where they go as they require extra care.

Do you sell with full breeding rights? Yes I do. Full AKC is available to approved small in home breeders. 

Do you guarantee that my puppy will be show/breeding quality? No I do not. I will let you know if the puppy has show/breeding potential at the time of sale, but I can not guarantee this. Puppies can change a lot as they grow! I make sure any puppies I sell to show/breeding homes are showing excellent conformation. But again, all of this can change. Buying a puppy for show/breeding is a risk every breeder takes! I do not hold my puppies until they are 6+ months old to make sure they are show/breeding quality. Most of my babies go to pet homes and are usually gone by 9-12 weeks old. 

What will the puppy come with? Our puppies go home with all age appropriate shots, properly dewormed, and fully examined by our veterinarian. They'll also come with a health guarantee, all health records, and puppy pack which includes food, blanket, a variety of toys, collar/harness, treats, and other accessories. 

Can I visit your home? Sorry, but we no longer allow visitors for our safety, and the safety of our dogs/puppies. We can video chat if that will help. 

How do I know I'm getting a puppy from a good environment? Our dogs live in our home and are given the proper care they each deserve. We post many updates of them on our social media pages. They are vet checked regularly and are all up-to-date on shots and preventatives. We can always provide vet references. Our puppies are also raised in our home and will come to you healthy, well-socialized and pre-spoiled! 

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