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Placing a Deposit

* Deposits are $500-$1500 depending on price.

* The deposit does go towards the price of the puppy.

* Deposits are non-refundable

* If for any reason you decide to back out on the purchase of a puppy, the deposit is non-refundable due to my time being wasted to find the puppy a home, and for all the time and work I've already put into the puppy.

* After you've placed a deposit, if I ever feel that you won't be a suitable home, and decide not to put one of my puppies in your care, I do have the rights to refund your deposit. 

* If the puppy were to pass away while under our care, the deposit can be refunded, or put towards another available puppy, or future litter. 

* If I ever feel that the puppy is not suitable to be placed in a new home, I do have the rights to refund your deposit, or you can put it towards another available puppy or future litter. I like to make sure my babies are completely healthy before leaving. Sometimes there are babies that stay tiny and have possible sugar crashes and need extra care. Most breeders decide to keep these babies and give them the care they need. 

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