Contact Information​​

Telephone:    (985) 703-1560

Izzy's Chihuahuas

Located near New Orleans, Louisiana

* We offer shipping around the USA with a pet nanny for an additional $280-$400.

​* East coast deliveries are usually less than west coast deliveries. 

​* Two puppies can fly together for $325-600 depending on nanny

​* Shipping to Alaska is $600

Shipping Process

* A pet nanny is a person who flies with the puppy in cabin and deliveries him/her to your nearest airport.

​* I will meet and drop the puppy off to the nanny at my airport. The nanny will fly with your puppy in cabin and delivery your baby to your airport. The nannies take great care of the puppies during the trip. I send my puppies with Nutri-cal and food for the nannies to give. ​You have to meet the nanny at your airport at the time the nanny said they will arrive. You can give the shipping fee in cash upfront to the nanny when you receive your puppy. ​​

* I try to schedule deliveries with the pet nanny 1-2 weeks before the puppy is ready to go, but sometimes the nanny's schedule can change depending on if he/she gets delayed, or misses a flight and gets their schedule pushed back. Please do not get upset with me if you have to wait a few extra days to get your puppy. The nanny's schedule is not under my control. I tell all my new puppy parents to try to clear their schedules for the week that their puppy will be arriving.

​* We have puppies all around the USA. We are more than happy to send you references to make you feel more comfortable in this process. We have never had a bad experience with our nannies.