We base our prices on the puppy's quality, size, and sometimes bloodlines.

Quality- The puppy is showing exquisite features, and matching the AKC standards.

AKC Standards:

- "Apple dome" skull

- full, round, balanced eyes

- moderately short, slightly pointed muzzle--cheeks and jaws lean

- Leveled Topline

- Good bite

- Charting 6 lbs or under

Size - The smaller the puppy the more care and time they require. Hand feeding around the clock, making sure they are eating properly, correct temperature, vitamins, the list goes on. A lot of sleepless nights and tears can go with it. Doing all you can to make sure this tiny pup grows into a healthy, happy baby. *** I do not base my prices on color! The quality structure and health of the puppy is more important!***

Bloodlines - Some of my Chihuahuas come from hard-to-find phenomenal pedigrees!

* Our Chihuahuas come from very nice, well-bred, health tested, champion bloodlines!

​We spend THOUSANDS on our adults! Our Chihuahuas are on quality food, they ALL receive regular vet check ups, all of my pregnant girls get an x-ray, bloodwork, and exam done a few days before due date and are also put on special diets and vitamin supplements. All of our puppies are vet checked before leaving. We spend hundreds on supplies/accessories and vitamin supplements to make sure our dogs have what they need. They are always in a clean, well-organized environment in our home. We give them the best care, and keep them in good health. We are also in the process of getting all of our adults certified for eyes, patellas, and heart.

​* We breed to produce exquisite, show quality Chihuahuas with wonderful body conformation, health, and temperaments. I love the exquisite doll face with big eyes, short muzzle, nice applehead and correct body that are all within the AKC standards. I have went as far as importing some of my chi's from other countries to get these certain looks I desire. The majority of my Chihuahuas cost me a lot more than what I price my puppies at! I looked for the best breeders and bloodlines to add from. It isn't easy or cheap producing these exclusive, well-bred dogs. Quality isn't cheap! Sometimes you get what you pay for! I have put in a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication into my program. 

- Why are our puppies expensive?

Contact Information​​

Telephone:    (985) 703-1560

Izzy's Chihuahuas

Located near New Orleans, Louisiana


* Our prices range from $1500 up to $3500. Our average pricing is usually around​​ $1800-2800.

* If you are interested in full rights, price may be $200-$500 more. There are terms and conditions. We are very picky where we place our puppies with Full AKC. Full rights will only be available to approved small in home breeders. We want our lines to improve and bred the right way to other dogs that compliments our lines. I believe the main important thing is that you are breeding for health, quality, and to improve the breed. ​​

​* Puppies sold as pets will come with a spay/neuter contract. Akc limited papers may be held onto until proof of spay/neuter.