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Telephone:    (985) 703-1560

Located near New Orleans, Louisiana

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             Our Chihuahuas are bred for quality, health, temperament, & conformation. We strive to better the breed and focus on overall body conformation, good bites, full-round eyes, good top-lines, short muzzles, and apple dome heads. We love the exquisite doll face looks in our Chihuahuas. We have added chi's from around the world to obtain the looks we desire. I only look for the best bloodlines and conformation when adding a new adult. Many people say they "just want a pet", but it is also important for your new dog to be healthy and meet its breed standard. There's a dog breed for every lifestyle. And that's why reputable breeders exist to continue these breeds and produce only the best quality of the breed, so people have the opportunity to enjoy them. 

      We want our puppies to be the best, not just by looks and structure, but also temperament! Our adults and puppies are handled throughout the day and are raised in our home around kids and other animals. They are given the proper love, care, and attention they each deserve. Our babies are not locked in kennels! Our chihuahuas are potty trained and have the freedom to run, play, and enjoy life. Our goal is to offer you a quality companion and be able to provide you with the perfect Chihuahua puppy of your dreams! I hope you enjoy my website! If you have any questions, contact us!

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Izzy's Chihuahuas Chihuahua Puppies

Website last updated - 12/11/ 19

      ​Thank you for visiting! We are a family of four located in southern Louisiana, specializing in raising AKC show quality Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas have always been a big part of our family, and we all work together to raise beautiful chihuahuas that are great examples of the breed.

     We breed both smooth and long coats with a variety of colors. All of our Chihuahuas have excellent top champion pedigrees behind them.

Izzy's Chihuahuas

​​​​​​​         Chihuahuas have always been part of our family. We were all raised around them. We had a few litters growing up and have many years of experience. I fell in love with it all. I loved the breed, I loved raising puppies, and I loved the joy the puppies brought to their new families. I decided that I wanted to continue to raise and spread the love and joy of Chihuahuas, so I dedicated my time into building a wonderful program to raise the best quality puppies. I am very happy where I am with my dogs and my journey is not over yet! Thank you to all who love and support and watch me and my program grow and become better and better!