1.) What's the price for your puppies?

My price range is $1000-3500. But on average my puppies are sold around $1500-2500. The lower cost are for puppies that turn out more pet quality such as large size/deer head etc. The higher prices would be for puppies who are exquisitely perfect, very show potential, and come from my best bloodlines. I have a few adults I've spent over $4000 for to get those top-notchbloodlines and show quality looks. You can read more about why my puppies are priced higher on my "Pricing" page. If you want to learn about deposits, there is also a "Deposit" page.

2.) How does the shipping process work?

 I do have a page that talks about the shipping process. It should answer this question perfectly.  Here is the link to the page, please click here- Shipping

3.) Is there a puppy contract that needs to be signed?

Yes, I do have a contract that also counts as my health guarantee. I can send it to you so you can read it before you send a deposit. It has to be signed the same day the deposit is sent. A scanner would be best to use for that moment

4.)How big are your adults and puppies?

My studs are always in the 3-5 lb range and females are 5-6.8 lbs. My puppies also stay around that size, from 3 to 6 1/2 lbs. Sometimes you can not predict your puppy's weight based on his parents weight. It all depends on what they carry in their bloodlines. My smallest 2.5 lb puppy came from 5-6 lb parents. Also, I love my girls to be bigger to avoid C-sections. Most breeders will not breed a girl under 5 lbs just to produce tiny puppies. I do not breed to produce tinies. I breed to produce quality chihuahuas that are healthy and within breed standard.

5.) Do you have a waiting list?

I only go down the list of people who have submitted a puppy application and became approved. I stay in contact and chat with applicants throughout the pregnancies of my dogs as they wait for their future, potential puppy to appear. You are more than welcome to submit an application, chat with me, and stay in contact for future litters.

6.) Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do offer payment plans. If there's a puppy that I have at the moment that you like but you don't really have the full deposit or payment at the moment, then I can set up a reasonable payment plan with you. You would have to send a weekly payment of a reasonable amount. But the puppy has to be paid off by the time it's ready to go. ​

7.) What does the puppy come with?

Our puppies are vet checked at 7-8 weeks old and receive their first shot by vet. If the puppy is charting under 3 lbs, I may wait longer for first shot due to tiny size. They get a full exam to check for heart murmurs, hernias, etc. And also a fecal test to make sure they are clear of parasites. They are dewormed at 2,3,4 weeks with Nemex 2 and at 6 and 8 weeks old with Safeguard. They come with a one year health guarantee which also counts as the contract, and a small puppy pack which includes a collar, treats, toys, food, and blanket with a folder that has all health records inside.


I'm hoping this page will answer any questions or concerns you may have. So, please take the time to look and see if I've answered your questions.

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