Izzy's Chihuahuas

Contact Information​​

Telephone:    (985) 703-1560

Located near New Orleans, Louisiana

Placing a Deposit

* Deposits are $500-1500 depending on the puppy's price.

​* The deposit goes towards the puppy's price

* Deposits are non-refundable.

​* If for any reason you decide to back out on the purchase of a puppy, the deposit, or any payment plan, is non-refundable due to my time being wasted to find the puppy a home, and for all the time and work I've already put into the puppy. 

​* During the time that we wait for the puppy to leave, if I ever feel uncomfortable with you and decide not to place one of my puppies under your care, I do have the rights to refund your deposit.

​* If something happens to the puppy while under our care, the puppy will be replaced. Your deposit will be put towards another current available puppy or one from our upcoming litters.