Linandy N Lf Coco                            Mademoiselle

* AKC Champion Lines ​          * 6 lbs

​* Red long coat

* Imported from Canada

​*Sire:Lf N Dw Paco Rabanne Thing

​( G. Sire: CH Cogie's Not Missing a Thing)

​(G.Dam: Ru.CH Microschihuas Talk About)

​*Dam: Can.CH Lf's Midnight Heat

 (G. Dam: Can.CH Picasso's Fancy That)


* AKC Champion Lines 

​* Double long coat

​* Black Merle Long Coat       

​* 6 lbs


* AKC Champion Lines

​* Fawn & White Long Coat           * 5 lbs

* Sire: SilverGCH CH Rafina's Shooting Star

(G. Sire: GCH Ouachitah Touch The Gold)

​(G. Dam: CH Rafina's Anisette)

​* Dam: Picasso's Sunset Boulevard

​(G. Sire: Am. & Can. CH Geiger's Carpe Diem)

​(G. Dam: Can. CH Picasso's Fifth Avenue Diva)

* Dartan, Picasso, Rafina, & Ouachitah Lines

​* Canadian Bloodlines

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                   CH Imperial Luxury                     Golden Belarus  - Melody 

* AKC Champion Lines  * Belarus Import

* Junior Champion & Champion of Belarus

​* Red Fawn Long Coat        * 5 lbs​​

​* Sire: Imperial Luxury Alonso Vincitore 

G.Sire: CH Misty Meadow's CaptainHook sired by CH Misty Meadow's Donald Duck

G.Dam:CH Giulietta Masina DiRio Galeria

* Dam:CH Imperial Luxury Heavenly Music

G.Sire: CH Edward Di Sam Gimignano - sired by CH Misty Meadow's Orlando Furioso

G.Dam: CH That's Amore In Bonita Springs sired by CH Misty Meadow's Orlando Furioso


* AKC Champion Lines 

* Russian import

​* Blue & White Smooth Coat       

* 6 1/2 lbs​​

Izzy's Chihuahuas

Contact Information

​​ Iselis Vargas 

Telephone:    (985) 703-2009

          Haas's Arizona Flirt

                 with a Storm

* AKC Champion Lines ​          * 5.5 lbs

​* Fawn spotted on white long coat

​*Sire:GCH Heaven's Storm of the Century

​( G. Sire: GCH Sand-Man's Billy the Kid)

​(G. Dam: CH Heaven's Cruisin Down Memory)

​*Dam: GCH Haas's Life is a Highway Arizona (G. Sire: CH Cogie's Sungold Mr. Jackson)

Located near New Orleans, Louisiana


* AKC Champion Lines 

* Imported from Russia

​* Lilac Tri spotted Long Coat      * 6 lbs

​* Sire: Rus.CH Timirin Sweet Velaskes Esperanza ( G.Dam: Rus. CH )


* AKC Champion Lines  *​ 50%Russian

​* Chocolate Tri Long Coat       

* 6 1/2 lbs​​

​* Blue Chi's Bloodlines

                                                        Our Girls


   All of our Chihuahuas except Sugar & Felix have MERLE-FREE Pedigrees! 

             As you can see, we keep our numbers very small. Each of our babies receive the care and attention they deserve. We are breeding for quality not quantity. We breed for ourselves and to try to produce our next show hopeful. We will be keeping back from future litters to continue to build our bloodline.


* AKC Champion Lines

​* Black Tri Long Coat                * 5 lbs

​* Champion grand-sired both sides

​* Sire: Eva's Stormy Knight

​(G. Sire: CH Vanderpool's Happy Jax Regnier)

​* Dam: Weaver's Upcy Dazey of Gnal

​(Grandsire: CH.Weaver's Gang Buster)

​* Vanderpool, Dartan, & Weaver's bloodlines​​