Izzy's Chihuahuas

Puppy Application

If you have Facebook, please add me. My personal account name is Iselis Vargas.

     Please try to put in your best effort in filling out this application. I expect you to tell me a lot about yourself. I care a lot about where my babies go. If your application does not have plenty of details and lacks information, it will lead to immediate denial!

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!    Due to our previous Application having difficulties and giving others trouble to submit, I have decided to start a new way to submit an Application. From now on, to submit an application, you'll have to send me an email answering the questions stated below. Thanks again for your time in submitting an application. We appreciate all the effort from seriously interested customers! :) 

Puppy Application Questions:

1.) Please state your Full Name.

2.) Please state your Phone Number.

3.) Please state your City & State so i know where you're located.

4.) When are you looking to get your new puppy?

5.) Do you want this puppy as a pet only or with breeding rights?

6.) If you are wanting this puppy with breeding rights, please tell me more about your breeding program & plans. What do you breed for? What are your goals? Do you breed other breeds? (Skip question if you're only wanting a pet)

7.) Do you own or rent your home?

8.) Do you own other animals? If so, please state their species, breed, and age.

9.) Will this be your first chihuahua?

10.) Are you familiar with common health issues in chihuahuas?

11.) Are you familiar with hypoglycemia? Do you understand how to prevent it? Please state what you know.

12.) Do you have a vet that cares for your animals? If so, please state their name, number, and address.

13.) Do you have any children? If so, please state how many and their ages.

14.) Are you aware that a tiny chihuahua may not do well with small kids due to them being fragile and accidently getting hurt? 

15.) Do you promise to supervise and take extra steps to protect your new little chihuahua puppy? 

16.) How are your dogs kept? How will this puppy be kept and cared for?

17.) If you work, how long will the puppy be along? Please tell me about your working hours and if anyone will be there to take care of the puppy during those hours.

18.) What gender, coat, and color are you looking for?

19.) What size are you looking for? Please do not use terms such as "teacup". Please state an actual weight range. And remember puppies charting extra small need more care and may be more expensive.

20.) Are you interested in one of our current puppies, or future litter?

21.) Where did you hear of me? Facebook, internet browsing, or a friend?

22.) Please share with me your budget for a new puppy. My prices range from $1500-3500. I am very easy to work with and do accept payment plans. 

Please send your answers to my email - vargas.izzy24@gmail.com

Located near New Orleans, Louisiana

Contact Information​​

Telephone:    (985) 703-1560